Trainning Program

Soft Concept aims to facilitate the best business results for each of our clients, and provide the best

Softwere Development

Soft Concept helps menufacturers or traders commencing small businesses to development

Our Company

Soft Concept is one of the leadind consulting firms and providers one of the best consultancy services


Web Development

Soft Concept aims to facilitate the best business results for each of our clients web developments


Soft Concept provides other services to our clients for maintain their business around the globe with the


We are one of the best online marketing consultancy services with enough expertise to make your online venture a big hit. Our team is established to provide you with the right direction to take to enable your online customers find your products and services with ease. As a highly rated agency we understand that big is not only better but also mandatory and thus we are well endowed to make your business a big brand. Our online marketing services are well priced to make them affordable to all and sundry.

Search Marketing Services


  • Competition analysis
  • Code, content, link audit
  • Focus on boosting organic visits
  • Search engine submissions
  • Onsite & offsite keyword optimization


  • Expert Google PPC Management
  • Display & text ad campaigns
  • Banners targeting affiliates
  • Optimizing CPA through on-going optimization of target & content

Email Marketing

  • Email Campaigns Conceptualization
  • Email Creatives
  • API integration with Email Campaigns
  • Dynamic Content on Emails
  • Email Deliverability Scan
  • Email tool setup
  • Tracking and categorization Post-campaign reporting:
  • Opens, Bounced, Clicks, Conversions

Affiliate Marketing

Setting up affiliate networks

  • Google Shopping
  • Yahoo Store
  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Channel Max
  • White labeled affiliates

Social Media Marketing

  • Creating meaningful engagement
  • Apps of Facebook, Twitter
  • Building fan count & visitors
  • Content marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram

The success of any e-commerce venture lie in application of proper and workable online marketing techniques. We are proud to share these techniques in a simple manner to enable our clients grasp what is required of them with less efforts. Our ecommerce agency values clients’ well being and so we welcome you to contact us and our customer care team will get back to you.

The online marketing services that we offer have proven successful going by the previous tests they have been subjected to. Working with us will prove profitable because we are results oriented. Our team has designed strategies that exposes e-commerce businesses to wide pool of customers and create a strong network that boosts sales and profitability.

Our agency is glad to provide four proven ecommerce marketing services. These are Search marketing services, Affiliate marketing, Email marketing and Social media marketing. Search marketing services are of two forms; SEO and SEM. The former is used to panerai replica españa increase the popularity of your website in search engines like Google while the latter is used to promote your website get higher ranks in the said search engines. The two will increase the exposure of your site to customers creating awareness about your products and services.

We offer Affiliate marketing services to enable your products gain enough popularity in big platforms like Amazon, Ebay and Yahoo. Customers looking to market their products online can take advantage of this service. We understand the importance of having good relationships with your customers and this is where Email marketing comes in handy. Social media marketing services on the other hand increases traffic to your sites making it easy to get Ads and other income generating products. Feel free to contact us today and we will be there to make your business great.



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