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Microsoft .NET


What is .NET?

.Net is a framework developed by Microsoft that enables users to create and deploy programs in a secure environment. It lets a programmer develop powerful and scalable applications that can connect information, people and devices through software. Due to the most important feature of interoperability, .Net enables businesses to integrate their systems in a more agile manner and help them access information anytime, anywhere, on any device. In order to develop applications and websites on a .Net framework, the user needs a windows operating system and .Net framework installed on it. 

Various tools, library files and assemblies are building blocks that are used in deployment, version control and security permissions. Assemblies contain within them classes, structures, interfaces and resources required for the execution of an application.

Future of .NET

With .Net latest version 4.5, it is now possible for users to develop applications using pure object oriented programming model without the alternative of Java. This has enabled .Net programmers to create powerful websites that are highly performing. By letting the statically typed languages like C# specify an object in runtime environment has opened immense possibilities for .Net framework future applications. The interoperability of .Net will directly affect the cost of development by increased sales which will in turn connect business to customers, suppliers and partners.

For end-users, .NET provides reliable and secure software that works on multiple devices including laptops, Smartphone and Pocket PCs.